Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The biggest step I swore I'd never take....

Last week I took a step that I have always told myself I'd never (have to) take...
Won't post my starting weight, but stay tuned for my second weigh in tomorrow....

In other news, our house is LOVING the Olympics!! The girls and I have been snuggling on the couch each night watching whatever sport was on. Here are a couple things I've learned:
  1. Mackenzie thinks the men's gymnastics team is hot...stand in line girl! (And grow up about 10 years before you EVER say that again!!)
  2. Avery will clap at anything!
  3. Mommy will cry at anything...
  4. Daddy thinks we're all crazy ;-)
Oh...and my family rocks!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Funny Stuff My Kid Says

I love the stuff that comes out of my kid's mouth. Actual conversation at bedtime:
Mackenzie: Did you know that if you put your middle finger in someone's face it means you don't love Jesus?
Me: Really?
Mackenzie: Yep. Pretend I don't love Jesus. (Proceeds to flip me off) This is me showing you I don't love Jesus.
(No worries - I set her straight on this one!)
No clue where she comes up with this stuff but she sure does keep us entertained!!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Summer time!

Whew - It is crazy busy in our house!! Wanted to take a moment and update on what we've been up to and the AWESOME things that God is doing in our lives right now! The girls are doing great. Mackenzie has settled back into her old summer camp and her friends were thrilled to see her again! We've still had some of the mean girl drama (mine being one of them), but you're gonna get that anywhere and usually it only lasts a day and everyone is friends again. Despite all of her teasing, Avery still is not full on walking. She is right there, but just doesn't have the confidence to let go (I feel like there is a life lesson in there somewhere ;-) Mackenzie has submitted yet another tooth to the tooth fairy and Avie still has yet to pop through a single pearly white!!

On the Called to Adopt side we are really moving now!!! We had our first official board meeting today and I am so blessed to be working with some amazing people who share our passion for adoption. Plans are coming along with the Second Annual Pighetti Dinner and Silent Auction. We are officially set for the First Baptist Church of Winter Park on August 25th 2012 at 5:30pm. If you are interested in donating an item for the Silent Auction, donating food for the dinner or attending the event you can visit our website http://www.calledtoadopt.org/ or email us at info@calledtoadopt.org

I'm also excited to announce that we are getting closer to having our grant application ready. Called to Adopt will be awarding our first grants by the end of the year. I will post again once the application is ready. So excited about how God is working through this process and can't wait to be able to bless our first families!!

Hope everyone is having a safe and fun-filled summer!!

Post again soon!