Sunday, October 6, 2013

The One With All The Updates...

So I've been MIA for awhile. Summer was really busy for us with soccer for Duckie and working through all of the adoption stuff. Plus, there were a whole lot of emotions that I've just been avoiding...

So here's what you missed over the last couple few months:
  • Duckie played an epic season of Summer Soccer - yes, it was indoor!
  • We had a homestudy
  • I made an epic new profile book - seriously WAY proud of this thing....and totally sick of looking at it...
  • We became an official "Waiting Family"
  • Little turned two...yes two!!
  • Duckie started 2nd grade
  • Duckie started soccer...again
  • We started with a new church plant - really excited to share more details about this later!!!
  • I took a new position at work
Whew!! Feel like there's more than that, but nothing stands out.

Adoption-wise, this time around has been more chill than Little's adoption wait. At first I thought it was because we've done it once before or that we're just busier this time around. But if I'm honest with myself, it might just be the fact that I'm just trying to avoid dealing with these adoption emotions....hence the reason for the stupid long absence from the blog. I've been trying not to think about the tiny little person that God is (hopefully) already knitting together. Trying not to worry about whether their mom is scared or lonely, whether she has support or is going this road on her own. Trying not to think about the broken circumstances around in her life that will lead her to the very difficult decision of adoption.

My concerns are different this time around....hopefully for the better. Last time it was all about us and whether we were ready and whether we would have to "wait too long" There is a part of me that feels so selfish for wanting this to happen again... Little's adoption was such a miracle in my eyes that I feel weird asking for another one. Don't get me wrong, I'm still totally asking for another one but maybe it's just in a different voice...

Post again soon,