Thursday, August 25, 2011

Meeting Avery (Part 1)

So we've been busy over the last couple days. On Tuesday we got "The Call". The one that we've been waiting for...the one that I have been glued to my phone waiting for. So naturally I was nowhere near my cell phone when it rang....and rang....and rang. Nor was I at my desk while my desk phone rang....and rang...and rang. I was in my boss' office up to my elbows in a project. A co-worker finally came and got me saying that someone was trying to get ahold of me. By the time I got back to my desk my cell phone was ringing again. It was the Director of our adoption agency. Since our adoption specialist is out on maternity leave she got to deliver those words we have been waiting for. "You've been selected by a birthmom." Followed shortly by "She had the baby Sunday and the birthparents are waiting at the hospital to meet you guys before you take the baby home tonight." I'd like to say I had something fabulous, eloquant and wonderful to say, but I just burst into tears. Not delicate sniffles, but sobbing, ugly sounding tears....followed by an f-bomb. Oops!

After pulling myself together I quickly informed my boss that I had to leave to go pick up my new daughter. I grabbed the things from my desk I had to have and then headed for home. My first order of business was to get ahold of DJ. He was in the midddle of a service call about an hour away. I'm pretty sure he was still in shock when he hung up the phone (pretty sure he's still in shock actually). I made a ton of phone calls and made it home safely to begin packing our stuff for the hospital.

There is much more, but I am tired and I will post more tomorrow...

I'll leave you with the real reason that you came here...

Introducing Avery Joelle...

I will post the rest soon,


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Picture Post!!

Yes, I have been bad about posting lately. "We" started back to school this week so I thought I'd share some pictures from our last day of freedom at Seaworld and our first day of school.

Waiting for the new Shamu show to start. Man was it HOT!!

Daddy and M made the big screen after the show. She was so excited that Shamu "sent" her a text message thanking her for watching the show....what will they think of next!?!

Princess hands!!

Dressed and ready for the big day!!

Waiting patiently to cross the street

Daddy carrying our second round of supplies!

Have you ever seen a kid so ready for school!?!

She has had a great first few days. My favorite story (and the one that sums up her personality) is from her first day. When she came home she told me that she was the teacher's helper that day. When I asked what she did she replied "Reminded the other kids to raise their hand first." Since that didn't sound like a typical helper job I asked if her teacher told her to do that. Her response: "Nope, I just thought it would be nice of me."

That's my girl - you keep those other kids in line!!!

Post again soon!

Monday, August 8, 2011

A Year...

A year ago yesterday we attended an informational meeting at our adoption agency. We had intended only to gather information - we did not really think that domestic adoption would be our path. Seems like we were wrong! I remember very vividly sitting in the car outside of the church downtown where the meeting was being held. I prayed quickly before we got out of the car, "Lord, if this is where we're meant to be, just let us know."

A year later here we sit, an "actively waiting" family. I'd like to add "patiently waiting" to that description, but one must not tell lies Delores... It's been difficult for me to rein in the impatience but I swear I'm trying. I wish I had a hobby that was all consuming and distracting, but I just haven't been able to find one. Maybe I will work on that one. I keep coming back to the chickens, but we haven't been able to get a fence up yet. I also wanted to take up gardening, but a) it's too hot and b) we have sand...not soil.

Quilting is another one that I have really wanted to try but I have no sewing machine (and I am not about to go at that one Amish-style). Reading got expensive - shortly after I learned that the library lets you borrow books for free, I learned that they do charge you if you don't bring them back. (Have they learned nothing from Netflix??? I've had Four Christmases since well...Christmas...and I haven't even heard a peep out of them!)

So I'm putting out the all-call, what do/did you do to pass the time?? And by the way, make it cheap :@)

Post again soon,