Monday, August 8, 2011

A Year...

A year ago yesterday we attended an informational meeting at our adoption agency. We had intended only to gather information - we did not really think that domestic adoption would be our path. Seems like we were wrong! I remember very vividly sitting in the car outside of the church downtown where the meeting was being held. I prayed quickly before we got out of the car, "Lord, if this is where we're meant to be, just let us know."

A year later here we sit, an "actively waiting" family. I'd like to add "patiently waiting" to that description, but one must not tell lies Delores... It's been difficult for me to rein in the impatience but I swear I'm trying. I wish I had a hobby that was all consuming and distracting, but I just haven't been able to find one. Maybe I will work on that one. I keep coming back to the chickens, but we haven't been able to get a fence up yet. I also wanted to take up gardening, but a) it's too hot and b) we have sand...not soil.

Quilting is another one that I have really wanted to try but I have no sewing machine (and I am not about to go at that one Amish-style). Reading got expensive - shortly after I learned that the library lets you borrow books for free, I learned that they do charge you if you don't bring them back. (Have they learned nothing from Netflix??? I've had Four Christmases since well...Christmas...and I haven't even heard a peep out of them!)

So I'm putting out the all-call, what do/did you do to pass the time?? And by the way, make it cheap :@)

Post again soon,

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  1. In past 3 years I have: learned to bake, learned to sew, learned to blog, learned to cook, learned to read mutiple books at once, and learned to fundraise in various ways. They are all good things to do, but nothing really takes your mind off it. I can encourage you with this: the first year is the hardest. So, at least you've got that out of the way. I hope that you wait doesn't last much longer, but if it does I can tell you that it gets easier.
    thanks for your comment on my blog!