Sunday, February 27, 2011

Garage Sale, Chickens and some other stuff...

You’ll notice that the happy little thermometer to the right has inched upwards just a tad. :-) We had our 2nd (and hopefully final) garage sale yesterday. It wasn’t nearly as grand as the first one, but we still did pretty well. Luckily we also had an early morning visitor that turned into a helper…Thank you Gemma!! We had steady traffic all morning and made about $250. Plus, most of the stuff is gone and the guest…I mean BABY…room is cleared out. We still have a few boxes that will need to find homes at local shelters but once those are gone we will finally have our house back!! Woohoo!!

On the adoption side, we are still waiting for one final piece to schedule our home study, but we have the rest of the paperwork for our file complete. I’m attempting to wait patiently, but that is very difficult. I have never been a patient person when it comes to doing things that I want so this process is definitely trying my patience. I keep trying to remind myself that it’s not our timing but God’s timing that we are working with and that God’s timing is perfect. He has already chosen the baby for our family and me tapping my foot and sighing like a spoiled teenager is NOT going to rush this along any.

In the meantime I am considering a couple lifestyle changes. The first (and probably the most sane out of the two) is switching over to a new line of body-care products. A good friend of mine from church, Elizabeth, has recently started selling Ava Anderson products which are amazing. I always kind of knew that there were scary things in the products that I was using but chose the ostrich-head-in-the-sand approach to it, what I didn’t know couldn’t possibly hurt me…right??? Anyway, this Ava Anderson stuff is non-toxic and a LOT healthier than the stuff we’ve been using. Lots of the products that I’ve been using contain chemicals that have been linked to infertility (hmmm…..sensing a connection perhaps?). In addition to this I am also considering switching from deodorant (which is chock-full of icky stuff) to the spray-on toner they have. Fingers crossed on this one as it is a little scary for me.

The second lifestyle change I’m considering is chickens. Yep, you read that correctly…chickens. (See, I told you the first one was saner!) I should probably fill in the back story on this one so here ya go….

In addition to attending Elizabeth’s Ava Anderson launch party we also went to a birthday party for our friend Jenn. (Don’t worry I’ll get to the chickens in a minute) We celebrated Jenn’s birthday and the fact that she and her sisters Erin and Tiffany completed the Disney half-marathon in under 3 hours. Way to go guys!!! It was nice and relaxing to hang out with our extended “family” and Mackenzie had a blast despite a couple attitude issues. While we were hanging out their neighbors were working on putting up a kick-butt fence. So, we all trooped over to take a look. Turns out the people catty-corner to them have chickens…yup, honest-to-goodness chickens. Complete with a chicken coop (and a really awesome garden that I must admit to coveting...Lord forgive me). I have in the past mentioned to DJ that I would like to have chickens but being the steady, level-headed husband that he is, he ignored it. Well, turns out DJ has also caught the I-want-to-raise-chickens bug as well. (Don’t worry, we are NOT running out to get chickens!) We have put it on the list of things we would eventually like to do, following building a fence, building a covered porch and adopting a child (not necessarily in that order).

I feel like there is more that I was wanting to blog, but it is late and I am tired so I will bring this to a close.

Post again soon!


  1. Thanks for the shout out! I am excited for you to get your non-toxic products! :o)

  2. Winter Park Day nursery is always in need of items for Children. They have a great pantry full of items and clothes for thier clients. Judy Neilson is the Exec. Director, and one of the most amazing women I know. Her son and daughter in law passed away in a car accident. Judy adopted her son two children. Amazing woman who has turned the nursery into an amazing place for children.

    Love you Jen!