Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The newest members of our household...

We have 2 new members in our household. His name is Sunshine and her name is Lola (yes, she is a showgirl-no, that joke is never going to get old). M is over the moon for these little guys but baby girl is not quite sure - I think they look a little too much like squirrels for her! We had intended on only bringing home one for M's Christmas present but when we got there to pick one out mommy wanted one too :@) I mean who can say no to these faces????


In other news - our family is being featured on the blog Reaching Hearts at . Shelly from Reaching Hearts is doing a series called 31 Families of Hope and we were chosen to be Day 15 which is tomorrow!! Pop on over and show us some love!

Also - there is still a couple weeks to put in your Thirty-One Gift order to benefit the Called to Adopt Fundraiser. Let me know if you want to put in an order! Get your Christmas Presents and help out adopting families at the same time!

Post again soon!!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Magical Families!

We had one of our favorite occasions this weekend - Magical Families weekend!!! If you're passionate about adoption and enjoy Disney this is the event for you!! It's a great opportunity to visit with some of our favorite people and meet new ones. Although the entire weekend was amazing I absolutely love the Mommy Meet-Up time. It's just a sweet time to spend with other mom's that are passionate about adoption and totally "get it".

We spent most of Saturday in Magic Kingdom and had the best time! We discovered Avery has reached the age where the characters scare the ever-living-snot out of her!! (Then again what doesn't!!) She did ok with the only "real" princess we met which was Tiana, but anything that looked like a cartoon had her climbing up mommy's arm. For the most part we had a smooth trip with very few meltdowns...WHEW!!!

I have tons of pictures to sort through but it's late and I'd like to go to bed now. I will post them soon I promise!!


Thursday, November 1, 2012


We had a wonderful Halloween yesterday :@) The girls were absolutely adorable!! M was a Cheetah (that was actually a leopard because for the life of me I couldn't find ANYTHING cheetah print!) and A was a puppy. A couldn't figure out why people were giving her candy, but didn't object for long. She did max out at 2 pieces for each fist!! She also learned what a Kit Kat was before daddy had to wrestle it away from her :@) She's a big Kit Kat fan now BTW!
M had the cuttest little "cheetah" prance that she was using - she was also a very good big sister helping A get candy.
Overwhelmed with love for these people :@)

"Stalking" us!