Monday, June 27, 2011

One Month...

…and counting.

We have officially been “actively waiting” for a month today. On Saturday we went back to Babies R’ Us and bought a new car seat….just in case… :@) We realized at the store that apparently a lot has changed since the last car seat/stroller combination. Seriously? Two grown adults who have successfully done the baby thing before should be able to figure out how to fit a car seat into a stroller, right?? I’m blaming that new-fangled stroller for our technical difficulties.

Here is our ultimate decision:

Yes, it’s blue. No, it’s not because we’re hoping for a boy. Mackenzie’s car seat was also blue and we just really like blue. Also, all of the neutral ones (as usually) were ugly. So the decision was that it’s easier to have a girl in a blue stroller than a boy in a pink one. I think it’s pretty :@)

We are also in the process of filling out many, many pages of grant applications. We mailed in all of the information for the Show Hope grant today. I was glad to get that one checked off because the due date on it was June 30th. (Yes I sent it overnight and Yes I got delivery confirmation!) Praying that they will have funds available for us. The good thing is that most of the applications ask the same information so hopefully we’ve pulled all of it together and the rest of the applications will go quickly.

Kindergarten camp is going well despite the fact that kindergarten campers do not nap in preparation for no naps in kindergarten and this has made her Uber-cranky!! I think we are starting to get over the hump though and making a turn for the better. We’ve started putting her to bed earlier…like a LOT earlier! The plus side is that there will be more grown up time at night, but the bad side is that I’m starting to feel a little rushed once we get home. Hopefully we can adjust to the new schedule soon. Preferably BEFORE she starts kindergarten!!

Other than all of that we are keeping busy. Normally we plan a vacation in the summer, but that is on hold. Not just because I’m terrified to be out of range in case we get The Call, but also because I am saving my vacation time for a very special occasion in November. My “baby” brother, Steven, is getting married. Yeah, it took a little while to get used to typing that. I am very, very, very excited for this. It helps that we are very fond of his fiancĂ©. Can’t wait!

Post again soon, (yes Sandra, I promise!!)

Monday, June 20, 2011


Thought I would share a sweet moment that I had with Mackenzie on the way to church on Sunday. We've been talking recently about her musical education and she had this wisdom to share:

"Mommy, I think I'll start out playing the piano with Miss Aly. Then I'll learn the guitar. And then when I'm older I'll learn the violin so that I can play on worship team like you."

You got it kid!! Mommy's headed out to pick out a piano....once I get these silly tears to stop...

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Summer has begun!

And so has the craziness!!! We have had a very eventful couple of weeks. (Nope, no baby yet) My mom was in town and we had tons of stuff that we did including a trip to St Augustine for a much anticipated wedding!! (Congrats K & D!!!!) The beach was awesome and we all had a blast. We stayed right on St Augustine Beach within steps of the ocean...ahhhhhh.....

Monday we went to the local Babies R' Us and got registered. We figure once we get matched we'll have tons of other stuff to get done and might not be able to get to it. (And plus, who doesn't like the idea of wandering up and down the aisles ohhing and ahhing over tiny, adorable little baby things!?!) I have made the discovery that there are not a lot of cute neutral items out there :@( We decided to register for the normal stuff (bottles, diapers, etc.), some big stuff that is neutral and then register both girl and boy bedding that we like. So much fun!!!!!!

Mackenzie has also started Kindergarten camp at her preschool. It's essentially the same thing that she's been doing there just with more fieldtrips, but boy is she excited!! She keeps reminding me that she starts her "New School" on August 15th. I know sweetie, mommy is counting the days. Amazing to think that soon I will have a kid in kindergarten!!! I am very excited to shop for school supplies though (yes, I was THAT KID growing up!!). Fresh pencils, notebooks, new's all so exciting!!

Post again soon!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Waitin' on a baby...

We are officially active!!!! Woohoo!!! Can’t believe that we finally made it this far :@) Thank you to everyone who helped us get here, we appreciate it more than you guys know!!

So now the waiting begins…

and the grant applications process begins…

In the meantime, my mom is in town visiting us from Kansas. Mackenzie is having a blast playing hooky from school and hanging at home with Nana. She’s also enjoying getting away with all the little things that mommy and daddy won’t let her do but Nana doesn’t know any better.

So far since Nana has been in town we’ve been very busy! Friday night Nana got off a plane was driven straight to Mackenzie’s graduation from VPK (Pre-K for those not from the Sunshine State). Amazingly M was less excited about graduation and more excited about getting to go to Kindergarten on August 15th (yes the countdown has begun!). The graduation was wonderful and such a tearjerker. I can’t believe she is getting so big! Saturday brought a little bit of calm in the morning but a birthday party in the evening for my friend’s little boy who turned 2 (another one who is growing up way too fast!!)

Sunday brought Worship team in the morning at church and a drive to Clearwater for my cousin’s wedding. (Yay for Nana watching Mackenzie so mommy and daddy could have a date night!). Memorial Day we went to the beach super early so that we could be done and ready to leave before it got busy. Tuesday night was ice skating and tonight we took dinner to a couple at our church that just had a baby (after wandering around their neighborhood knocking on random doors!)

Tomorrow we have nothing planned….hopefully it stays that way…

Post again soon!