Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Summer has begun!

And so has the craziness!!! We have had a very eventful couple of weeks. (Nope, no baby yet) My mom was in town and we had tons of stuff that we did including a trip to St Augustine for a much anticipated wedding!! (Congrats K & D!!!!) The beach was awesome and we all had a blast. We stayed right on St Augustine Beach within steps of the ocean...ahhhhhh.....

Monday we went to the local Babies R' Us and got registered. We figure once we get matched we'll have tons of other stuff to get done and might not be able to get to it. (And plus, who doesn't like the idea of wandering up and down the aisles ohhing and ahhing over tiny, adorable little baby things!?!) I have made the discovery that there are not a lot of cute neutral items out there :@( We decided to register for the normal stuff (bottles, diapers, etc.), some big stuff that is neutral and then register both girl and boy bedding that we like. So much fun!!!!!!

Mackenzie has also started Kindergarten camp at her preschool. It's essentially the same thing that she's been doing there just with more fieldtrips, but boy is she excited!! She keeps reminding me that she starts her "New School" on August 15th. I know sweetie, mommy is counting the days. Amazing to think that soon I will have a kid in kindergarten!!! I am very excited to shop for school supplies though (yes, I was THAT KID growing up!!). Fresh pencils, notebooks, new's all so exciting!!

Post again soon!

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