Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Picture Post!!

Yes, I have been bad about posting lately. "We" started back to school this week so I thought I'd share some pictures from our last day of freedom at Seaworld and our first day of school.

Waiting for the new Shamu show to start. Man was it HOT!!

Daddy and M made the big screen after the show. She was so excited that Shamu "sent" her a text message thanking her for watching the show....what will they think of next!?!

Princess hands!!

Dressed and ready for the big day!!

Waiting patiently to cross the street

Daddy carrying our second round of supplies!

Have you ever seen a kid so ready for school!?!

She has had a great first few days. My favorite story (and the one that sums up her personality) is from her first day. When she came home she told me that she was the teacher's helper that day. When I asked what she did she replied "Reminded the other kids to raise their hand first." Since that didn't sound like a typical helper job I asked if her teacher told her to do that. Her response: "Nope, I just thought it would be nice of me."

That's my girl - you keep those other kids in line!!!

Post again soon!


  1. LOL! That is too funny! I was a little - errr - shall we say - bossy? - when I was her age. ;-)

  2. It's definately in her blood and I have absolutely no idea where it comes from ;@)

    It's not the first time she has shown this tendancy - a couple months ago she bit a kid in class for not putting his toys away. She definately likes to play by the rules!