Monday, August 20, 2012


Whew - haven't had much time to blog lately - we are gearing up for the Second Annual Pighetti Dinner and Silent Auction. We had one of these events last year to raise money for our adoption. This year we are excited to kick off our non-profit organization Called to Adopt! All proceeds from this Pighetti Dinner will go to provide grants and fund-raising assistance to families pursuing adoption.

So excited to see how God is growing this event and using us to help create forever families!!!

If you are in the Orlando area this Saturday I hope you can join us!
Post again soon!!

BTW - if you are curious the new total is 10 lbs! :@)


  1. Pighetti sounds delicious

  2. Hope it was a big success! I think our family picture was displayed there. :)

  3. Hi! I came your way through Top Mommy Blogs! I'm also an adoptive mother and look forward to connecting with you!


  4. Great blog, keep up the great work and articles!