Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Calling all runners!!!

Training for the half-marathon is coming along pretty well. I've been consistently training with a good friend for several weeks now and at this pace, I'm pretty sure that I won't die when the actual race comes along. This has definitely tested my commitment already as our "running" sessions have been occurring at 5 am...a time of day that I rarely see voluntarily...

I know several people that I have talked to have verbally committed to running with me, but now is the time to pull the trigger and register. Chosen Marathon is running a little contest for the teams. The team that registers the most runners this week will get "significant bonus $$ towards they're adoption funds"!!!

We would love to be able to capture that title and get us a couple steps closer to bringing home the next little Pighetti. Here is the link to register.


Don't feel like running a full marathon??? You can also participate in the half-marathon (like me!!), the "Kids Run" or even as a "Sleepwalker". Every little bit helps.

Also, our Team Page is up and running on the ABBA website, so head on over, take a look and share with your friends.


Post again soon,

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  1. Keep up the great work! You're doing an awesome job with the training! :)