Monday, September 6, 2010

Not Me! Monday – The Vacation Edition!

I did NOT have to convince Mackenzie that although we were in the mountains it was still summer and no, it was not going to snow….no, seriously Mackenzie, It’s NOT going to snow.

I did NOT forget to buckle my kid back in after a potty break. I was NOT sitting in the passenger seat buckled, ready to leave and staring expectantly at hubby wondering why he wasn’t moving the car yet. Yup, that’s right this time hubby was the responsible one NOT me!

I did NOT have the following phrases come out of my mouth:
~Let go of the puppy’s face
~Stop licking mommy’s face, yourself, the car, etc.
~Stop throwing rocks at the fish, at the trees, off the mountain, etc.

I did NOT hear the following words come out of my daughter’s mouth:
~“God Bless America”…every time we passed a flag…yup, every single time…
~"Mommy, I’m ready to go home so I can go back to school….because I miss my boyfriend."
~"Mommy, look there’s slobber on my face, that’s so hilarious…"

I did NOT eat an entire cow worth of beef jerky…wow…yeah I really admitted that. Can’t help that, jerky is my weakness…

I did NOT allow my husband to buy large quantities of fireworks most likely deemed illegal in our home state…I’m definitely NOT planning a rockin’ New Year’s Eve party to “dispose” of said fireworks.

I did NOT allow my daughter to play in red river clay in a white skirt. I mean I knew we were going to walk to the river and she would probably get muddy, but I did NOT put two and two together on that one…Thank heavens for bleach!!

I did NOT get woken this morning with “Guess what mommy, we go home today! Hooray!!” Yup, someone was NOT excited to get home.

I did NOT turn 30…nope sadly that one happened…

Can’t wait to hear what you guys were NOT up to this week!



  1. I did not take my boys to the splash park without bathing suits. I did not let them play in the water in their regular clothes. I did not let them ride home naked b/c they were too cold to leave their wet clothes on. :)

    That non existent New Years Eve party sounds fun, especially since their wont be any fireworks. :)

    We're possibly going to a resort in Orlando for the week and Evan is really disappointed that he's going to miss school too! Such funny kids.

  2. LOL~ It's amazing how quickly they get settled into their routine and then miss it when they are out of it. She started asking a few days in when we were going home and then started a countdown about 3 days before we left. Definately looking forward to get her settled back into her routine and hopefully calmed down some.
    (Details will follow on that NOT-New Year's Eve Party :-)