Saturday, December 4, 2010


Thanksgiving was good. It was nice to have some time off with the family. I must say the highlight of the day was the black Friday shopping, which for the first time actually started on Thanksgiving (dislike!). We hit up Toys R Us and Target and I got most everything that was on my list. The only thing I had trouble finding was that darn Lalaloopsy doll! I hadn’t even heard of them before a couple weeks ago but now I was intent on finding one…apparently along with most of Central Florida! I really did not anticipate that they would be that difficult to find.

Toys R Us was out of them, Target was out of them, even the Toys R Us express was out of them. I was about to give up when the lady at TRU express suggested I order one online from their website. She even found it and ordered it for me, plus free shipping and delivered right to my door. Possibly the best deal I got all day (er…night….no by that time day again). Although they only had one type left I found out later it was exactly the one she wanted :-)

So basically my Christmas shopping is done. WooHoo!! I have a few little last things to pick up but for the most part it is done…another perk of black Friday shopping. Lights are on the house, Christmas tree is up and the latest “cold snap” definitely has me in the Christmas spirit.

Although I’m looking forward to Christmas, I’m also dreading it a little. Thanksgiving was a little more difficult than I had anticipated. It was most difficult reading all the things people were thankful for and being consumed with the one thing I was NOT thankful for. Yeah, yeah, I know…I should focus on what I am thankful for but I’m not quite there…yet. It’s something I’m working on…..

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