Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Home Study and Profile

Yesterday was scheduled to be our last home study but sadly it was not to be. They had a “stork drop” at the agency so our social worker had to reschedule for next week. It’s hard to be too upset though when I think about how happy another family is going to be :@) On the plus side it gives us a little more time to get the house cleaned up as cleaning was NOT on the agenda this past weekend.

We ended up going to a concert on Friday night to celebrate Mother’s Day early. We drove out to Melbourne to see The Shelter Tour – Jars of Clay, Matt Maher, Audrey Assad and Derek Webb. Essentially my iPod live in person. It was Mackenzie’s first concert and she did pretty well. It was a little overwhelming so a couple times DJ had to take her out of the auditorium. The great thing was that she recognized a lot of the songs. There is nothing more amazing than listening to Jars of Clay live while watching your 5-year-old sing along with arms raised in praise. Wow…definitely one of the best gifts ever!! Even more entertaining was watching her play "Pop Star" the rest of the weekend with her toy guitar and a drum set made up of a box of barbies, an upside down toy baby bathtub and an upside down wicker basket. It was awesome!

I’m happy to announce that our family profile book is officially in the editing stage. After days of obsessing over it I have passed it along for editing. Once it’s officially done I’ll get it posted up here for you guys to see. I am looking forward to having it officially done so that I can stop worrying about it :@) I really did not think that it would be this overwhelming, nor did I think it would take this long. It seemed like every time I looked at it I found something else I wanted to change. Working on the profile book also made it seem more real. Someone is actually going to look at through this book and (hopefully) choose us to raise their child….wow…very overwhelming…but very exciting!

Post again soon!

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