Tuesday, April 26, 2011

4 Days Left!!

Hey guys! Just 4 days left to get that fabulous Ava Anderson deal and also help grow the adoption fund! Our Ava Anderson consultant Elizabeth has announced that anyone who places an Ava Anderson order from now until the end of April and mentions our adoption will receive 10% AND she will donate 10% to the adoption fund!! OR You can choose the option to donate 20% to the adoption fund instead!!! You must email her at NonToxicBeth@gmail.com or call her at 678.773.1406 to get this special deal. Also exciting is that Ava Anderson has recently come out with a non-toxic, alcohol-free hand sanitizer!!

On the adoption front, DJ had his one-on-one session yesterday and that went well. Our next (and final!) home study visit is on Monday! I am feverishly working on our profile so that I can get it to our social worker to review before our last visit. We're hoping to be "actively waiting" by the end of May, but with that also comes another big check to write. Not entirely sure where this is going to come from, but we are praying on this and are confident that God will provide.

Post again soon!!


  1. I'd be happy to look at your book too if you want ideas before you show your social worker-- you can email it to me through shutterfly It's a hobby of mine to make those books!! I love it!!

  2. You had an awesome fundraiser! So excited it will all be on everyone's doorsteps soon :)