Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Silence...

Yes, the blog has been quiet lately. "Why?" You ask. Um, because my husband gave me pink eye. Yes, after a week of dealing with allergic conjunctivis and swearing up and down to everyone that gave me "the look" that I had the NON-CONTAGIOUS-ONE, my husband gives me the contagious one! Blah! Sadly, I woke up with this Sunday morning and it was my Sunday on Worship Team so I was really bummed out that I had to stay home.

The worst thing about pink eye is that not only do you feel horrible, but you look like you got dragged behind a bus. I've had over a week of people asking me "Are you ok??" while backing away slowly. I am finally starting to feel better though. Luckily so far only DJ and I have had it and we've been super careful about handwashing and not face-touching. Fingers crossed that Mackenzie will not catch it because Mama is running short on "sick days".

So since our last home study visit I have been working diligently on our family profile and realized that there are tons of pictures to choose from....IF we were putting together an album of Mackenzie. There are a few of DJ, even fewer of us as a family and relatively none of me :@( Hopefully we will be able to fix that tomorrow with a photo shoot by my bestie Liz who does Photography (yes with a capital "P"!) Fingers crossed that we get this shoot in and that we all manage to cooperate and look good :@)

Post again soon!

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