Thursday, April 7, 2011

Adoption Class!!

Our adoption class is tomorrow!! I can’t decide quite how I feel though. Part of me is super excited about all the stuff we will be learning and the chance to meet other adoptive parents in our area. On the other hand, I’m kind of nervous. I can’t explain exactly why. I think it’s that dark place in the back of my mind again…I HATE that place. Overall, the excitement is winning out. I can’t wait to have a bigger picture of how the rest of the process is going to go. Also really excited to get another thing checked off the list!! The class will be Friday and Saturday. Then on Monday we have our second homestudy visit. This next one should be interesting. The first one was the “first date” visit. You know, “where do you work”, “tell me about yourself”, those kind of questions. The next visit will be about 30 minutes with all three of us and then a couple hours of her grilling….I mean talking to me :@)

Originally our class was supposed to be on the other side of town and we had planned on getting a hotel and making a weekend of it. However, plans change and the class was moved to a location approximately 15 minutes from our house. In the interest of saving money we decided not to get a hotel, but to keep the plans that involve M staying the night at “Bird’s” house. (Thank you Ade!!) Ironically, the class is being held directly across the street from the mall where I spent most of my high school free time and almost all of the money that I earned there. It also happens to be the mall I was working at when I started dating my Amazing husband. Ahhh…memories…

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