Thursday, May 24, 2012

9 months!

Avery has officially reached 9 months!!! The age of "how fast can I put that in my mouth before mommy takes it away??" Also know as "how close can I get to (fill in the blank with some randomly dangerous item) before mommy stops me", "I'm going to throw myself backwards while you aren't paying attention and then laugh when you barely catch me in time" or "Yes I understand you are saying no, but I'm just going to laugh at you and do it anyway". Yep, we have reached that age! You know - where you are simultaneously excited at all they are learning and discovering and utterly terrified because you know they are dangerously close to out-smarting you.

Dear Lord, Please let us stay at least one step ahead of this one, because she is going to be a HANDFUL!!

Avery just started waving and gets a kick out of people waving back because she understands what you're doing now! We still have no teeth, but I get the feeling that will change VERY soon! Even though she doesn't have teeth that isn't holding her back from chowing down on solid foods. She will eat just about anything she can pick up (even last night when she was literally eating with her EYES CLOSED because she was so tired!). Her favorites include (but are not limited to) chicken, carrots, broccoli, cheese, those little baby poof thingies, and crackers to name a few.

She is also dangerously close to taking her first step. This is the part that terrifies me. At 9 months Mackenzie was just learning to stand/pull up and she didn't take her first step until right before her birthday. Mackenzie was also never this determined. Avery seems intent on learning, doing and touching. There is no distracting her! You have to entirely remove the temptation, something we didn't have to worry about with Mackenzie. Parenting Avery is an entirely new ballgame!

On the rest of the family front, Mackenzie is serving her last few days in Kindergarten before summer starts end of next week. She is excited to start a summer dance camp and finally get to do ballet. Her "most exciting" thing about dance camp is that she gets to be in Willy Wonka at the end of the summer - Of course when she told me that she couldn't remember the name and even when I told her she had no idea that was actually a movie...

On the adoption side, things are progressing with the Second Annual Pighetti Dinner and Silent Auction. We have a few donations already and are working on more. I'm hoping to get the website updated and revamped soon! If you know of anyone that would be interested in a little free publicity in return for a donation please send them my way!!

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