Monday, June 11, 2012

Summer Happenings

Summer is in full swing around here! We had our first summer visit to Sea World this past Saturday. We have had annual passes since Mackenzie was little and it is wonderful to be continuing the tradition with Avie. She didn't care much for the shows but loved clapping when everyone else did (although she did not seem to understand what we were cheering for). She loved the aquariums and even enjoyed her first carousel ride. We tried out the new Turtle Trek ride. It was a neat little ride with a good message, but it made me a little motion sick :@(

Mackenzie is in her second week of dance camp and is definitely enjoying it! Not sure yet if she will want to stick with it when the summer is over, but we will see. So far she has seemed most excited about the cheerleading and vocal lessons. If she opts for music/vocal lessons we're going to try out this new place that is opening in our area. It's called The Music Box and it was started by a close friend of one of our adoptive friends.

DJ is pretty set in having her try softball next, but if she's anything like mommy that will not go in her favor! However, if she wants to give it a go I guess I'll be cheering by a baseball diamond come fall.

On the adoptive front, plans are coming along nicely for the Second Annual Pighetti Dinner. I'm hoping to get a listing of the items donated so far posted this week so that you guys can see what is up for bidding. We are still waiting on the official approval from the venue so prayers that everything will go smoothly with that. If you are interested in donating an auction item or interested in volunteering let me know. Also take a moment to like our new facebook page CalledtoAdopt.

I'll leave you with the new logo for Called to Adopt designed by my awesome friend Bessie.
Post again soon,

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