Saturday, September 8, 2012

Another year older...

We had two rather important birthdays in the last couple weeks...neither of which actually made it onto the blog - Oops! First of all our sweet baby girl turned 1-year-old!! I still can't believe it - when people ask how old she is I still stumble over saying it. It's amazing what all has changed in the last year. I feel like we just brought her home but at the same time I have a hard time remembering life without her! (Mainly because I'm too busy trying to catch up to her!!) She has been such an amazing blessing to us and we are so thankful that God saw fit to make us her parents.

On a less exciting note - I have also aged another year. Bleh.

The good side of my birthday time is that it usually falls right around Labor Day and we usually manage to squeeze in a trip to Atlanta. It was great to hang with the family and take Avery to her first (and second) Braves game!! The driving was less fun, but we managed to make it home in one piece and with our sanity mostly intact. It wasn't Avery's first road trip but it was her first since she developed a loathing for her carseat and a love of screaming for the sake of screaming.

I have pictures which I will try to post soon.

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