Monday, January 28, 2013

Big Family News!!!

The next big step for our family happens tomorrow. We start our classes to become a certified foster care family!!! Excited doesn't even begin to cover it!!! We've been talking about our next step for a few months....well at least I have....DJ has kind of been listening. We'd said a couple different times that when it was time we would know what our next step was. Over the last couple months it's become pretty clear that we are being called to foster care to grow our family.

We talked to Mackenzie about it a few weeks ago and explained to her (in a 6-year-old appropriate discussion) that we were taking classes to become a foster family. She seems to understand and sounds super excited. Our biggest concern will be guarding her heart through this process becuase she has such a tender heart.

So excited to start this next chapter in our story!

Post again soon!