Thursday, October 14, 2010

Blog Additions and Facebook Page

Ok, so hopefully you guys like some of the changes that I’ve made to the blog to kind of spiff it up a little. I have added some page links on the left that run down our story and also our adoption timeline as well. I’ll probably add a page for our fundraisers and sponsors at some point also, but one thing at a time.

I have also created a facebook page specifically for the adoption. This is not because I don’t want to have adoption stuff on our personal page, but this will allow people to share information with others who aren’t our “friends” yet. Also, it’ll be easier to get out information only to the people who are interested in helping without overwhelming everyone else.

Big thank you for today’s donations!! My hairdresser Jillian and her co-worker Jackie donated 2 gift certificates for haircuts. We will be using these in one of the upcoming raffles. So thankful for their support!

Everything else is starting to come together for the garage sale. No set place yet for it to be held, but we are definitely going for November 6th. I have put out a few flyers for donations; one at Mackenzie’s school and one at my salon. Hopefully that will bring in some more donations and also some interest for the actual sale.

One of our friend’s from church Elizabeth is hosting a Thirty-One Gifts party for us on November 14th. Her friend Ashley is a consultant and has graciously offered to donate her commission from the party to the adoption fund. We will also be raffling off some items and I believe Ashley will have some product door prizes as well. The Thirty-One Gifts party should be a great opportunity for some shopping and great fellowship with friends before the holiday season kicks off. They offer a lot of really great products that make perfect Christmas presents. Anything that is ordered at the party should be delivered before Christmas. (I plan on doing some present shopping as well :-) You can take a look at their products here: Let me know if you are interested in attending or placing an order.

Homework packet is coming along. I am focusing on my self-study now. Let me tell you it is some pretty heavy stuff! I’m trying to take it just one or two questions a day. The really difficult thing is that they ask that you not talk to your spouse about the questions before you answer them. Really difficult since I usually bounce stuff off of DJ, especially if I’m not sure of how to word something. It makes perfect sense though so I’ll plod on alone.

If I could take a quick moment to praise God over the amazing weather that we are having!!! There is very little that is more glorious that Florida in the “fall”. Beautiful sunny days and the temperature is just perfect.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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