Tuesday, October 5, 2010


The homework packet has arrived!! DJ called me at lunch and let me know the envelope had arrived. (Longest afternoon ever!) We had 2 things to sign and return immediately but the rest needs to be completed and returned together once everything is done. There is a lot of stuff in there! The most daunting is an 8 page personal study. We read through the questions and they are not easy surface questions - they are in-depth bear-your-soul questions. Hopefully we can get these done fairly quickly and be ready for the next step...the "first meeting".

Not entirely sure what happens at the "first meeting" but I do know that we will need to present them with the first of several large checks. Knowing that we are just a handful (more accurately stack full) of pieces of paper away from it being really real. Wow, it got just a little overwhelming for a bit....better now :@) We have stepped out in faith trusting that since God is calling us here than he will provide.

On that note, the plans for the fund-raising garage sale are coming along nicely. It got pretty big pretty quickly so we are scouting out an alternative site for the sale. This may also involve moving the garage sale to a weekend in November. I'll keep everyone posted as soon as I know more details.

So excited!!!


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