Sunday, January 16, 2011

January 14th....and some other stuff

Wow, so much to post I don't even know where to start so I'll start with the depressing and move towards the positively uplifting :)

Friday was a very difficult day in our household. January 14th was the day our precious Jack made his abrupt and unexpected entrance to the world. DJ and I both took the day off and just kind of hung out. We ran a few errands and had a quiet little day together. Thank you to everyone who prayed and offered their support. It is so comforting to know that we are surrounded by such wonderful friends and family. I won't go too much into what Friday felt like, I'm pretty sure you can sucked....but I got through it.

Ok, enough with the heavy.....

Mackenzie's ice skating lessons went very well. Although she didn't do much "skating" she did thoroughly enjoy herself and wants to do it again. This is my book is a HUGE victory!! I have a few pictures but none of them really turned out that great. Hopefully I'll get some better ones on Tuesday.

Things with the adoption seem to be picking up speed. We are mostly done with our homework packet and the agency has started collecting their paperwork. They have sent each of our "contact people" a lengthy 4 page questionnaire about us. Wow - I guess they really do want to know know everything about us.

Fundraising is moving right along. We have started planning for our next big fundraiser - The Pighetti Dinner and Silent Auction! (I'd love to take credit for that little play on words but I'm not that clever - Thank you Ade!) We have set a date for April 2nd. It seems like it's an awful long way off, but I know there is so much that we need to do before we are even close to being ready for it.

I have also launched a new website: It is very basic right now but eventually will be the go to site for our fundraising stuff. Also, I will be adding a widget so that you will be able to RSVP for the Dinner and Silent Auction.

Well, I think my newsbox is empty now.

I'll post again soon,

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