Monday, January 10, 2011

Future Olypmic Medalist???

Mackenzie has a very big day tomorrow. She starts her ice skating lessons!! Now, ice skating was not exactly my first (or second) choice for her, but once this child makes up her mind it's pretty much set. So, ice skating it is! She is so excited also!! She has been asking me every day if it's Tuesday yet. Our only main concern is the whole asthma thing. Cold weather has always been her biggest trigger so we are keeping our fingers crossed that she will do ok. We also paid a visit to her pediatrician to learn how to use an inhaler with an Aero-chamber. Unfortunately she says the inhaler hurts her nose :( I'm hoping that it is just the smell and that she gets used to it.

Even more exciting is the fact that one of her best friends, "Bird", will be taking lessons with her. Now this is exciting for both of us! Bird's mom is also one of my close friends. I'm very excited that I will have someone to hang with while M takes lessons. Also, exciting because I'm kind of intimidated by the other moms. I know this sounds a little high-schoolish but ice-skating moms always seem so intense and I'm afraid they won't like me. Wow....yeah I totally just wrote that, I sound like such a baby.

Anyway, I'm excited for M's lessons. I really hope that she enjoys them and does well because I want her to find her niche. Also, I really need a way to burn off some of her energy!! That kid is non-stop!! Hopefully I will get a chance to post tomorrow, but it might not be until later in the week.

On the adoption front (because I know that's why some of you are here :) things are plugging along. DJ had his doctor's appointment last week and is scheduled for fingerprinting on Friday. Add that to the fact that the adoption bank account is slowly (but surely) growing and I'm definately getting excited on that front! We have some lingering paperwork to finish up and hopefully very soon we can get started on our homestudy :)

Post again soon!