Thursday, March 10, 2011

Random Ramblings

Wow, so I guess it’s been a bit since I have last blogged. Sorry guys, sounds like such a cop-out but we’ve been super busy. Biggest talk around the house has been about a certain little person’s upcoming birthday. Wow, so not ready for her to be 5 already! The party is shaping up well. The biggest thing I am struggling with is reining myself in. I feel this overwhelming need to make up for last year and I am really struggling to keep it in under control. I’m also trying to focus on keeping it as stress-free as possible…best of luck to myself on that one! LOL!

Things are creeping along with the adoption stuff. We have all of our paperwork in (including the last minute questionnaire they sent us when we finally got everything in!) and are waiting on our assigned social worker to get back from vacation so that we can schedule our homestudy dates. They have recently changed the way they do the homestudy so now we will be meeting with the social worker 4 times in our home. As far as building a working relationship it will be great, but it does mean that my house has to be homestudy ready on 4 different occasions!! Eeekkkk! We are VERY excited about moving on to the next step though.

On the lifestyle changes side we have received and are happily using our new Ava Anderson products. Mackenzie really likes them and it is really neat to see her take an interest in her hygiene (for lack of a better word). It has also been a good teaching opportunity as well about the kinds of things we want to put into/onto our bodies and things that we should avoid to stay healthy. It’s so amazing to watch her grow and see her blossom into a little woman.

That being said I have a confession to make….I have stopped using deodorant. :::GASP::: I know! What self-respecting woman living in Florida would do such a crazy thing!?! Well when the alternative is coating my armpits with some really disgusting and possibly cancer causing chemicals I’ve decide I’m making the jump. Instead I have been using toner from the Ava Anderson line. I know! I really didn’t think it would work either!!! I have been doing it now for 3 days and it has really worked! It doesn’t stop you from sweating, but it stops you from stinking. The first day was a little nerve wracking but I made it through. (Thank you to my awesome co-worker Melissa for voluntarily sniffing me in the afternoon to reassure me that I was not offensive!)

Anyway, I’ll get off my soapbox now :-)

Post again soon….I PROMISE!

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  1. So glad you are loving your Ava! :) ...and so is Mackenzie! I'm having an Ava party on Monday the 14th at 7 -- bring friends with you :)