Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Beta House

I continue to be amazed at the daily encouragements that God gives me.
Tonight we served at the Beta House. (If you're not familiar with what the Beta House does, I encourage you to visit their website - basically it is a group home for teens who are pregnant or raising their babies) I was a little worried that I would have a break down, but God gave me my own little ray of sunshine...
We went to serve a meal to the girls who live there and to do some general chores around the center. It was a really great experience to interact with these girls that are in such a tough position but still trying to do the best for their children. I was really worried that being around little kids and babies would be difficult for me emotionally (especially considering that my little man would have been 6 months old today) I ended up having an amazing experience with one of the little kids there, "J" (as he is not mine, I'll avoid posting his full name). From the moment I walked in, he made eye contact with me and proceeded to follow me around insisting on being held. I have no doubt in my mind that this interaction was orchestrated by God.
God continues to put children in my path that I am able to connect with. I feel He is opening my heart back up and with each encounter I feel myself healing a little more. While I don't know how our future looks on the family-building front, I feel confident that God is preparing my heart to be ready for whatever it looks like.

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