Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Not Me! Monday!

Sorry I missed last week, not that I didn't do anything worth fessing up to, just none of it was funny. Original concept from Mckmama.

I did NOT allow my child to have princess fruit snacks for breakfast....well, technically with breakfast...but still, totally NOT me....

I did NOT unthinkingly blurt out "Oooo, THAT cow's a boy!" in front of my 4-year old only to stammer over an explanation that didn't involve the words "testicles", "balls" or "hanging". I certainly did NOT have hurry past said cow to avoid said "unmentionables" being noticed.

I did NOT buy a giant red pickle bucket with the intention of making homemade laundry soap in it only to get it home and realize that since it was a used pickle bucket it smelled...well....like pickles.
I did NOT get so excited with the above mentioned homemade laundry soap that I proceeded to wash everything in the house... only to realize that once washed they would need to be dried, then folded and put away... duh. I most certainly am NOT sitting in between mountains of this (unfolded) laundry as I post this. Nope, not me...I fold everything immediately out of the dryer.
Hope you enjoyed my un-confessions. Feel free to share what you did NOT do this week.

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  1. I did not eat ice cream for breakfast yesterday. The reasoning being that should I eat something fattening it should be in the morning, therefore I have all day to work it off. Can't argue with that. I have eaten it at night and then gone to sleep so it went immediately to fat. Right?