Saturday, July 10, 2010

Mackenzie's Playlist

Thought you guys might appreciate this. Mackenzie has always been very musically inclined, quick to pick up songs and always singing to herself. So it was only a matter of time before she wanted her own cd with "her" songs. I guess I shouldn't have been surprised by her selections, but I can't help but be proud of them :@) Most of them are songs that I listen to in the car (2,3,4,7,8), but some of them come from her own tastes (1,5,6,12) and a couple are our "special songs" (9,10,11). Anyway, I tried finding a playlist to put them on here, but got frustrated very quickly. All of them came from iTunes if you want to listen :-)

1. Hosanna by Hillsong United
2. Lead me to the Cross by Francesca Battlistelli
3. Never Alone by BarlowGirl (The one she calls "That mommy song")
4. Something Beautiful by Needtobreathe (Mommy's Song)
5. You're the One by Chris and Conrad (This one she heard on the radio and insisted she have - seriously, how could I say no???)
6. Somewhere Over the Rainbow by Israel Kamakawiwo'ole
7. Your Hands by JJ Heller
8. Better than a Hallelujah by Amy Grant
9. Find Your Wings by Mark Harris (The Mackenzie Song)
10. Smile by Chris Rice (She calls this one "The song from when I was in your tummy-long story!!)
11. Save a Place for Me by Matthew West (The Jack song)
12. Jesus Loves Me from VeggieTales


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