Thursday, August 19, 2010


Wow….so many things to blog about I don’t even know where to start…

Ok, fluffy stuff first. We threw a birthday party for me and my two best friends Liz and Sandra on Saturday. Sandra and I are turning….um… 29-ish. (Liz still has a year to catch up – but it’s comin’ for you too girl :-). We had a really awesome time. It was so great to see everyone there and to get a chance to just hang out and talk. It’s hard to believe that I’m turning 30 in a little over a week. Just 2 months ago that number really scared me. I remember June 29th realizing that I was going to be 30 in just 2 months and absolutely losing it. I think because on my last birthday we had just found out we were pregnant a few days earlier and were on this incredible trip through Virginia and Maryland with our little growing family. It seemed like we had everything that we had dreamt about having and 30 really didn’t seem so scary.

What a difference 10 months made….

What a difference 2 months makes…

Today 30 doesn’t seem so tough. Yeah its rough seeing your youth slowly slip away and constantly being called ma’am (oh, and sending your kid to VPK…more on that later) but I’m today I’m feeling okay. I feel like we understand what God is calling us to do right now and that gives us something to focus on outside of ourselves; something to help us remember that we were put here for something bigger than ourselves and our “plan” for our lives. God has a plan for our lives that we don’t understand yet…and probably won’t ever fully understand.

Wow, that got pretty “un-fluffy” fast….on to fluffier topics. I realize that I missed a Not Me! Monday. I apologize deeply for this. I swear to make up for it this Monday because man I did some bizarre things this week. I also had to send my kid to VPK this week. Granted she is going to the same school she went to last week, but it’s a MUCH bigger classroom…and they have bugs…and HOMEWORK! Seriously!?! Do 4 year-year-olds need homework? I think not.

Mackenzie handled the transition well. Mommy did ok…a few tears but for the most part I am really excited about everything that she will be learning this year getting ready for kindergarten next year. (Yeah, not gonna lie, that one will be rough for me!)

On the adoption front we are still praying through this and watching all the different ways that God continues to affirm that this is in His plan for us. We will be working on the formal application here shortly but we are still many months away from any real movement on that front. Please keep praying for us that God will continue to affirm this decision.

Anyway, my news box is empty but I promise to post again soon.



  1. Tiana will be driving one of our cars....

  2. LOL! Just read this...scary to think how quickly that will be coming up!