Monday, August 23, 2010

Not Me! Monday!

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! Hope you enjoy all the things that I did NOT do this week…and last.

I did NOT message my husband on Facebook from the living room simply to tell him that I was going to bed. Nope, NOT me, I’m really not that lazy….I mean I’m a little lazy, but in my defense it is really, really far from our living room ALL the way to the home office…no? Not buying it? Yup, I guess I am that lazy…

I was NOT excited when my walk was rained out and I was forced (against my will of course) to instead spend hours in the bookstore torturing myself by perusing hundreds of books, drinking coffee and talking with a good friend. Yeah, I did NOT enjoy that AT ALL!

I did NOT spend $60 on books and a new bible cover at said bookstore despite the imposed spending freeze and overall budget deficit. Nope, NOT me, I’m way more responsible than that.

I did NOT hear the words “That’s not fair! I never get to do anything that I want!” come out of my 4-year-old’s mouth. I did NOT respond with my first instinct which was to laugh, reply “Ha, you think it’s bad now, just wait?” and send her to her room.

I did NOT botch my first approach to the adoption conversation with Mackenzie by not clarifying that a new baby would join our family….NOT that she would join another family. Yeah, it did NOT take me 2 days to figure out that’s why she looked horrified at mommy’s description of what adoption was. Yup….NOT my finest mommy moment…really…really…NOT

We were NOT the oldest people in the theater for a recently released vampire parody. Seriously, that other couple didn’t count…yeah ’cause they were there with their teen. I did NOT run into the lady that runs my daughter’s preschool and have to explain to her what movie I had chosen to see with my coveted parent’s night out. Yeah, it was NOT horribly embarrassing.

Can’t wait to hear what you guys did NOT do this week!


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  1. I did NOT hear my five year old say "Mom, Clo's (my three year old) got a seashell in her mouth!" And my reply was NOT "so (with ann annoyance)", only to be followed with a sigh and a roll of the eyes and "Get whatever is in your mouth out Clo". No, Not me, I was much more worried and cautious than that. ;)