Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Not Me! Monday!

Without further ado, here is all the stuff I did NOT do this week….oh, and last week too :)

I did NOT search all week for my bible only to find it in the exact same spot my husband told me to look…um on Monday. Nope, NOT me, I value my husband’s opinion…really I do!

I did NOT have to tell my kid to stop kicking herself in the head….at a table…in a restaurant…Seriously!?!?! Where does she get this from??? NOT me!! I did NOT have to follow her response with a “Because we just don’t kick ourselves in the head” Luckily the guy sitting directly behind her did NOT laugh hysterically…Nope, NOT me….NOT my kid!

I did NOT wake up at 5am one morning to realize that I was lying (rather uncomfortably) on top of a hot pink and magenta My Little Pony (named Ashley). Nope, NOT me. After all, our bedroom is our sanctuary. No toys in there just peaceful grown-up serenity.

(I did NOT just double over laughing at the thought of actually having “peaceful grown-up serenity”. I mean seriously who has that….ok that doesn’t have kids???)

I did NOT get ridiculously excited because there were extra coupons in the Sunday paper. I mean seriously, I’m NOT that big of a dork….am I???

Can’t wait to hear all the things you guys did NOT do this week!

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  1. I did not egg on a complete stranger to actually "OutFart" me on my birthday, well that would just be insane....