Monday, August 9, 2010

Not Me! Monday! - The Silly Bandz edition!

It's another Not me! Monday!! Hope you enjoy! Visit MckMama for other un-confessions.

I did NOT get mildly excited when Silly Bandz finally descended on our home…until the bag was opened and 1 million tiny plastic glow-in-the-dark zoo animals exploded in my living room.

I did NOT compare Silly Bandz with a co-worker in the breakroom at work. Nope, not me, those things are for kids, right??

I did NOT have to resist the urge to sift through the neighbors recycling bin in search of just one more glass jar for my next project…calm down, I didn’t actually do it….I promise!

I did NOT allow my daughter to have princess fruit snacks before breakfast. Some of you may recognize this, no I did not re-use this only to have something to fill space, I actually did this again. Yeah, I need to stock better breakfast foods…

I did NOT give away so many samples of homemade laundry soap that I needed to make more. I did NOT make 2 batches only to realize that I gave away most of those also. (I was NOT just a little excited about that since it means I make some more :-)

Can't wait to hear yours!


  1. I did NOT decide to give up on the "You must Eat Breakfast before you swim in the pool" rule when Kailyln stuffed 3 mini muffins in her mouth at once and had to spit them in the trash!

  2. I did NOT hack into my sister in law's facebook account so I could spy on one of her friend's baby pictures. That'd be unethical.

  3. I did not neglect cleaning my house yesterday just so I could read a newly borrowed book! :)

  4. I did not lean over to adjust the fan on the floor while I was painting, forgetting that I had a bucket of paint in my left arm!!! I now have an interestingly decorated fan and a lot of paint on the floor. Fortunately we will put down some kind of flooring so I am not worrying about paint getting on the floor.

  5. You guys are too funny! So glad I'm not the only one :)